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Certified Nursery Professional

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Certified Nursery Professional

The South Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association began sponsoring the SC Certified Nursery Professional Test in 1985.  The test offers landscapers, garden center employees, growers, etc. the opportunity to obtain the only ornamental horticulture "certification" offered in the state.  It gives the consumer a means of identifying skilled nursery professionals.

The test is given in two parts. The first is a written test on topics that include plant development, soils, irrigation, plant nutrition, plant propagation, pest management, nursery production, greenhouse production, turf grass installation, landscape maintenance and much more. The second phase of the test is the identification of over 120 plants.

The SC Nursery & Landscape Association has developed a 450 page study manual for the test. The manual includes detailed line drawings, plant index and appendices. It also serves as a useful reference tool. This manual is offered for sale to SCNLA members and non-members.

Presently there are approximately 290 ornamental horticulture industry professionals that have passed this test and are SCNLA Certified Nursery Professionals. Each year SCNLA is proud to sponsor this program for the benefit of the industry as well as the consumer.

The Certified Nursery Professional test is given each year at the "SCHI" Show. An additional test site can be arranged in the summer when there are at least twenty applicants to take the test.

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